Invest in a Tub to Shower Conversion in Your Lansing, MI, Home

Tub to Shower Conversion

You used to use your bathtub frequently, washing a day’s worth of dirt and grime from small children and pets. Recently, however, you find that this bathroom fixture serves little purpose other than to collect dust and trip you when you try to exit your morning shower. Why not let HWC Home Works Corp. help make your bathroom more functional by performing a tub to shower conversion? In as little as one day, we can remove the dysfunctional bathtub from your home in Lansing, Michigan, and replace it with a stylish, low-barrier shower that you’ll love to use.

Easy to Use, Easy to Maintain

Imagine that you didn’t have to climb into your alcove tub each morning and perform contortions underneath a too-small showerhead in order to get clean. A tub to shower conversion can dramatically improve your bathing experience by providing you with an enclosure specifically designed for the way that you use it. A low threshold reduces the possibility of tripping or slipping while also providing you with more room to maneuver inside your bathing enclosure. And since you have more room, you can relax under a showerhead that provides you with a much larger spray.

Not only are the showers that we install during a one-day bathroom remodel easy to use, but they’re also easy to maintain. That’s because we partner with industry-leading manufacturer BathWraps in order to provide you with a premium acrylic shower enclosure that:

  • Can resist scratching, chipping, and cracking
  • Uses SilverShield™ technology to limit bacteria growth
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty that protects your investment

When we perform a tub to shower conversion in your home, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll receive a new, easy-to-use bathing enclosure that will stand the test of time.

Custom-Selected Beauty

You may find yourself surprised to discover how replacing your outdated bathtub with a walk-in shower during a one-day bathroom remodel can drastically change the appearance of your room. In addition to possessing luxurious style, a low- or no-barrier shower creates the illusion of extra space in a bathroom. We can take this spacious illusion even further by installing enclosure shelving when performing your tub to shower conversion. By storing all of your bathing necessities off of the floor, you can eliminate visual clutter from your new shower and keep things looking clear.

Shelving isn’t the only aspect of your new shower that you can customize during a one-day bathroom remodel. We want to make sure that every element of your bathing enclosure perfectly suits your style, which is why we allow you to select the:

  • Surrounds – These beautiful acrylic surrounds come in a variety of colors and patterns. Solid shades of white, cream, and gray will give your shower a classically pristine look. Surrounds bearing intricately marbled patterns mimic rich, quarried stone. You can even add texture to your shower walls with decorative, subway, and stone tile patterns.
  • Showerhead – Available in a variety of finishes and possessing profiles that range from elegant traditional curves to sleek modern lines, these showerheads can suit virtually any style of décor. Best of all, you can make sure that your new showerhead provides you with the perfect spray, even upgrading this fixture to include a handheld shower.
  • Accessories – Those looking for stability while they navigate their new shower enclosure can choose from a variety of grab bars with finishes that match those of the showerheads we install. We can also install shower seating that perfectly matches your enclosure walls, so that no element of your new bathing fixture takes away from its stunning appearance.

Since the enclosures that we install during a tub to shower conversion are made from nonporous acrylic, they’ll maintain their beautiful appearance over time. Not only will these walls resist staining and fading, but they will also repel unsightly mold and mildew growth.

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Are you ready to replace your outdated bathtub with a stylish new shower? Contact HWC Home Works Corp. today to learn more about the tub to shower conversion that we can perform in your Lansing, MI, home.

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