Are Walk-In Tubs Worth It?

Sep 09, 2020

Walk-In TubFew daily activities offer the same sort of rejuvenation as a warm bath, during which the heated water can help you unwind and release the tension carried by stiff or sore muscles. For those with limited mobility, however, this otherwise healing experience poses a distinct safety hazard. If you count yourself among those with mobility concerns, you have probably found yourself asking: is a walk-in tub worth the investment?

While a precise understanding of the value of a walk-in tub varies depending on the manufacturer you partner with and how you plan to use your bathing fixture, most homeowners would agree that these tubs come with a veritable bounty of benefits. Additionally, since many walk-in tubs can be installed as part of a one-day bathroom remodel, upgrading won’t even interrupt your daily routine. That makes it easier than ever to enjoy enhanced:


If you’ve considered investing in a walk-in tub, safety is probably the primary motivator. After all, more than 235,000 people visit the emergency room every year due to bathroom-related injuries. Fortunately, walk-in tubs were designed with your security in mind. Most of these bathtubs include features like:

  • Ultra-low thresholds, which makes entering and exiting your bath as simple as taking a step forward
  • Slip-resistant flooring that helps you maintain your stability on the slick surface of your tub
  • Inset grab bars, which serve as a support you can use to maintain balance when entering or exiting your tub

Together, these features make one of the most dangerous parts of your bathroom safer. This allows you to relax instead of worrying about avoiding an accident.


Of course, a safe bathing experience shouldn’t require you to sacrifice your enjoyment. That’s why most walk-in tub manufacturers incorporate features that turn your everyday bath into a spa-like experience. These may include:

  • Heated seating, which keeps you comfortable while your tub fills and can extend your bathing time by keeping you and the water warm
  • Air bubblers, which fill your water with thousands of heated, champagne-like bubbles to stimulate your senses for an effervescent experience
  • Whirlpool jets, which offer a gentle hydromassage down your back and behind your knees

Who doesn’t like getting a massage every day? And in addition to being enjoyable, these features also offer distinct therapeutic benefits.


For those with limited mobility, everyday activities often prove tiresome at best and painful at worst. A walk-in tub—especially one equipped with hydrotherapy features like those previously discussed—can prove helpful in this respect. The same whirlpool jets and heated seating that makes for a pleasant bathing experience may also release tension in stiff muscles. Whirlpool jets can improve circulation and reduce inflammation, making it easier to move around as you perform your daily routine.

If you can see the benefit of having a walk-in tub installed at your home, then why not let Michigan’s leading home remodeler help? Contact HWC Home Works Corp. today to schedule a complimentary consultation and learn more about the one-day bathroom remodels we perform.